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PLEASE HELP I really like this girl but she is older than me. Help me please.?

I will tell you guys the hole thing so you get it properly.

I am in secondary school and there is this girl I really like. (I am very serious about this because there is no other girl I like In the whole world) not even a celebrity. Then there are some problems...

This girl is older than me (2 years older) and one of the main problems is that she has a twin.

I never get a chance to find her alone in school and anyway i am a very shy person. The 3 of us met when I started playing the cello in my school. They also played it. Since then, I can't stop looking out to see her and when I do I instantly become nervous and glance at her. Sometimes, she looks back and then quickly looks away. I can't see if she is interested or not but it doesn't look like they hate me or anything like that. I never really got a chance to speak to her. now in school everywhere I go we always cross each other when changing lessons and at football. Her name is Hannah and I could try adding her on Facebook but since we never spoke she probably would just ignore it. I would really appreciate if someone could please tell me what I can do to become friends. Most of the times she is with her twin sister or with friends which makes life hard for me. PLEASE if you have any good advice, no matter what it is tell me.


During orchestra every Thursday I sit next to her and that is the closest I get. Also I know this may sound pretty stupid but I can sing well and that may help me. Probably not but you never know. If you have any ideas please hep me.

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    Err.... You can wait until her twin is sick then ask if you can talk to her. If you have a class that's the same as hers you can try cornering her and talking to her after... you could also joke around with her during music and yea...I don't really know.....

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