How to make buttons go to a specific scence on Flash?

Hi there! I'm doing a Flash project for school and we have to make a little quiz. So for my quiz I need to have buttons available in order for the quiz taker to select the appropriate answer. But the problem is that everytime I play my movie, Flash skips over all of the scenes with my buttons without allowing time for the quiz taker to select the button. Can you please explain to me (STEP BY STEP because I am really bad with computers) how to make a flash button go to a specific scene?

Basically, this is what I DID DO, but that DID NOT WORK:

1. I created a button.

2. Right clicked on the button, selected "actions" (turned script assist on)

3. Selected Global functions>Timeline Control>GoTo

4. Dragged the option of "GoTo" to the large blank white box.

5. Wrote scence as the next scene.

6. Clicked the add an action button,

THIS IS NOT WORKING. Somebody please help this project is due tomorrow! :(

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Add ActionScript to the button:

    on (release) {



    *change 1 to other frame..Alternative:

    on (release) {

    gotoAndplay("Scene 2",1);


    *change scene to the one you need..scene 2 3 4 etc.

    *change 1 to the frame you need

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