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Teens: What was the dumbest rumor that you have ever heard about yourself?

My Top 3 list( Lol )

1. That I am fake : Somebody wrote that on the bathroom stool with my name, that I was fake, obviously I don't know who it is. Then they're was a rumor about it, and it's kinda spreading. Though I don't care, because I know I am not fake.

2. That I stink : Now what idiot decided to make that sh*t up? I always come to school smelling like my favorite lotion and perfume. I take showers day and night everyday, but sometimes not weekends but that's only because I am sometimes sick. Like this rumor was brought up today in 4th period when I was in math class. All of us were joking around and people where just joking around calling this dude armpit because he looked some dude name armpit from holes. Then one boy said he even smell like armpit. This girl ( My enemy ) said He doesn't smell like armpits- then she was cut off by her friend shushing her. Then she said I am not going to say anything with a smile on her face then they were looking at me and laughing. Oh I hate her so much. Then someone told me about the rumor.

The funny part is that a lot of people don't believe her lying a**.

I hate her so much I know she started it. Can't believe that some people would believe that stupid h o e.

3. That I liked a boy, that I hated. Ew gross.

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    That I accidentally set myself on fire with a candle.

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    Hey, Im guessing by using the truth that you have read my earlier solutions i have been through just like you. As you might have grown up and matured now the great recommendation i can provide is this 1. To unencumber tension I took up alot of fitness things, pushing your self particularly just will get all of the bad energy out and makes you feel so much better about yourself. 2. I additionally had some councelling, most effective 5 classes however just being capable to let your inhibitions go and let all of it out to anyone who will maintain all of it confidential is a fine feeling. You is not going to get a decision from it but once more it releases some stress from you. 3. While you see these guys at some point show them how so much you have got grown up and matured. If they are saying hello just supply em a nod and stroll on. Why be related to humans like that. They are going to see you rising above them, and yeh they're going to believe that maybe you are slightly up yourself but who cares. You're higher than them for no longer biting back all these years. My historic associates who acted that approach years ago now contact me to see how im doing and that i ought to say it makes me suppose best after I see that nothing has modified with them and but personally i've come thus far. I am hoping this helps you by some means. Just are trying to not consider back anymore, look forward.

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    1. That I got into some Ivy League school. Sounds nice and all but people used this out of spite, rather people thought that I thought was "all that." Funny thing is, was that I did not live in the U.S. at the time LOL

    2. That my parents brought me a new car and an expensive one at that. People thought I got a Lexus SUV or a Mercedes. I wish LOL. My parents didn't get me a car so I have no idea where that came from lol

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    I can't think of mine at the moment, but...

    1. Your name is I love K-pop and that's amazing. K-pop is amazing.

    2. I think your picture is from Hetalia but I can't tell since its so tiny but if it is then that's awesome. Hetalia is awesome. You're awesome.

    And just thought of one...

    One time someone made a rumor that I wear wigs but it was at a school that id went to for three years. My hair grew. People are idiots. My hair is just so perfect it looks like a wig is all.

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    I'm exceedingly unpopular, so rumors about me never circulate to the best of my knowledge. However, one time in a small circle of friends a rumor went around that I was a lesbian with this girl who was my friend. It....was very weird. And very incorrect.

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    One of the recent rumors is that my boyfriend and I have sex all the time and do stuff like that. I'm not exactly sure though, since he goes to a different school, and he was telling me about it.

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    7 years ago

    1. I was anorexic.

    2. I was a literal whore. I slept with older guys (or anybody, really) for money.

    3. I had AIDS.

    4. My friend's husband was cheating on her with me.

    My life in high school was so much more interesting than I thought it was.

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    1. I didn't like this girl

  • 7 years ago

    that I was dropping out of school

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    7 years ago

    That I was home-schooled -___-

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