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Bleaching hair then dyeing it?

My hair at the moment is black (I've already dyed it 2 or 3 times before) And I want to bleach it blonde,then dye it bright red... But I'm afraid if I bleach it then dye it again it will fry my hair..will it?

#1- Will it fry my hair?

#2- How long after I bleach it can I dye it red?

#3- If it might fry my hair what are some ways to keep it healthy?

thanks (:

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    Hey there :D

    Bleaching your hair is extremely harsh even if your hair hasn't been dyed recently. Chances are, your hair will be pretty fried if you bleach it. I would wait a month or so if you've done your hair recently just to give it a chance to recover a bit.

    It depends on the type of dye you're using. If you're using a permanent dye I would wait at least a week if not more because your hair will be super brittle and dry after you bleach it and dying it will just make it worse.

    When I had bright red hair I used manic panic (which is semi-permanent and all natural) which is generally regarded as good for your hair. (It conditions the hair, and instead of actually penetrating the hair shaft like permanent dye, it only stains your hair) If you use manic panic, I would recommend putting a bit of the dye into your conditioner so that it refreshes your hair every few days, otherwise the conditioning (and the colour) of the dye wears off and your hair becomes dry from the bleach (and it will keep your colour brighter longer)

    To keep your hair healthy after bleaching it, do a deep conditioning mask, do NOT use any heat on your hair, keep hair products (other than conditioners) to a minimum, don't brush your hair while it's wet (because there is a lot more breakage), keep a bottle of leave-in conditioner handy and try to avoid dying it or bleaching it again for a week at the bare minimum. Try to wash your hair every two or three days if possible as well because shampoo can dry it out if you wash your hair too often. Put olive oil in your hair once a week. (If you are using manic panic, it's essential to wait until after you've put the colour in to do any deep conditioning otherwise your hair won't suck up the dye and it won't stay as long! And oil treatments will pull manic panic out)

    I hope I've helped! I would also recommend going to a stylist and talking to them about it because they might be able to give better advice. The best thing for your hair if you're going to dye it is getting it done at a salon, but it's expensive as F to get it done professionally.

    TTFN :)

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    I've had my hair bleached before but only ever had it done at the hair dressers. Bleaching hair and dying hair does cause hair damage but the hair dressers can look after your hair better than doing it at home. Yeah it can be more expensive but it's much better for you hair. Red hair takes a lot of maintenance as bright red will fade quickly and it will need redyed quite often to keep the same shade of red and to stop it going gingerish. Make an appointment with the hair dresser and talk colours and pricing with them before you decide how to do. Keep your hair we'll conditioned and use a lot of leave in conditioners just to help your hair stay natural and soft.

    When bleaching your hair it might sting but don't leave it on for too long as it can dry your hair. Usually you can dye over bleach within the hour however this is best left to the hair dresser as they will know the right timing.

    After the dying is all done find new shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments that can be used to keep hair healthy, shiny and soft .

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