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If im traveling to another country how many weeks do you take off work to make a $1200 airplane ticket worth i?

I'm planning to stay maybe 2 weeks in another country... I never travelled before so I don't know if that is too short or too long.. Im thinking about if I stay too long how much car rental, hotel bill and food will cost. if i stay too short the $1200 plane ticket will not be worth it.

Also, how early do you plan/ buy your airplane ticket and what website??


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    I bought a 1650 USD ticket and I'm going away for 28 days...I can do that coz I am self-employed. I'm taking 10,000 USD and a couple of credit cards to make sure I'll be able to eat well and go shopping like crazy.

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    A lot depends on what country you plan to visit and if you will be seeing friends/family or if you are just taking a vacation by your or with your family. Another factor is whether or not you plan to go back. I would think 2 weeks is about right. I also have friends who will fly to the other side of the world and stay for 4-6 weeks because they are staying with family and they only go home once a year to see them.

    If your budget allows you to stay for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks would be fine. Just make sure you have things to do, places to go so you are not bored.

    As for planning for a trip, it depends on when you want to go. Typically the earlier you buy the ticket, the better. If you are flying during peak travel season such as summer months, then buy the ticket really early. As for websites, you can start out with http://www.kayak.com and also visit the different airline websites.

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    I'd say the quality of your vacation should be more important than the quantity.

    As this is your first time travelling you should spend some time now to find out lots of things about the place you're going. Check hotel prices, check their reviews. Check for things to see and do, cost of food and drinks, and any other advice from people who have already been there.

    Some people stay shorter, but in better accommodation, whilst others choose cheaper accommodation to afford to stay longer. How long you should stay depends on your own circumstances and what you want to get from your trip.

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    I would say 3 weeks should be good. I just bought an airplane ticket for India for $1700, and I make about $2k per week, and paid holidays / personal vacation. So basically, for 8 weeks, I am getting paid $16,000 to go take a break.

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    It's a matter of personal opinion and finances.

    I spent $800 on airfare for three weeks in Peru. It was worth every penny.

    I spent $800 on airfare for a week in Salzburg Austria. It was also worth every penny.

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