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Can anyone help me?!?

My sister's friend is giving us a kitten because she needs to move away for good and the pounds here kill animals within a week if they aren't taken. I have had many animals like a dog, turtles, tortoises, parakeets, monk parakeets, cockatiels, cichlids, community fish, tarantulas and more. I know very basic things that all pets need but I need someone experienced to pass on their knowledge and help me with this problem.

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    Where we live the animal only has 3 days before they are euthanized. I suppose each state is different. There's no biggie to raising a kitten. Much simpler than raising a dog and most of the animals you've mentioned above. Cats are stubborn at times but very affectionate and loving. Their very loyal to their owners and easy to train. If the kitten is already litter trained great! Just buy a litter box and place it in the laundry room or restroom. I recommend the enclosed litter boxes and the litter that fights odor. I keep my litter box in the garage but you need a kitty door installed for they can have access to your garage. Not expensive at all. Most people I know keep their litter boxes in a garage. If you have a 2 story house keep one upstairs and downstairs. Show the kitten where the litter box is at that way they know where it is. I use a pooper scooper and clean it 2x daily. Which you don't have too but I hate poop! But, clean it frequently because cats hate dirty litter boxes. Other than that they just need their shots, to be fed 2x daily and brushed. Their very easy animals to care for. I have a Saint Bernard and a Mini dachshund and their more stubborn and hyper than my cat. My dachshund was a pain in the butt to train and were still training my Saint Bernard and my cat was easy! If you don't feel you have time for a cat look into the no kill shelters.

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    U r lucky ur getting a kitten if this is the first cat or kitten u ever had I assure u that a cat would be no problem if u are good with animals. Put a bowl in the kitchen full with cat food and whenever the cat is hungry he could eat and if your cat has claw issues get a wooden block or something wooden and put it in ur backyard so whenever he wants to go he could go and get a litter box and put it out the backyard too. Trust me having a cat is easy.

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    And one extremely important thing you need to do is get him or her spayed or neutered EARLY.

    Good luck.

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    cats are pretty cool,

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    what is the problem tho?

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