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Natural, chemical free hair dye in un-natural colors?

I henna and indigo my hair black... and I use shikakai powder to wash my hair only once a week, so I'm really careful with my hair, and I don't want to use any chemicals or anything on it, but I want to add tinted streaks of fun colors like pink... Is there any way to do that?

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    Fair warning, using natural ingredients means results will vary, colors may fade quickly or never fade, etc. Just cause its natural doesn't mean it can't stain your hair forever. Plus, to lighten significantly you have to use chemicals. While lemon juice, honey, or urine may lighten over time it will not bleach black hair blonde.

    Tumeric, paprika, beet powder, rhubard root, and most dark juices like grape or blueberry will stain temporarily. Kool-aid and food coloring will fade, but may not fade entirely. Indigo alone over bleached hair will make blue or green or sometimes purple, permanently.

    Demi permanent hair dyes are actually much more gentle then permanent synthetic dyes. They aren't good for your hair but they don't overly damage it. The bleaching that's necessary for bright colors does more damage than the colors themselves.

    By the way natural doesn't mean chemical free, and while some synthetic dyes are quite dangerous, there's dangerous natural dyes too. Ammonia and peroxide are 100% natural and produced by your body thus hair bleach is close to all natural, so saying you want "natural" is not the same as saying you want gentle or safe.

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