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How to make my hair get less poofy (guy)?

I have insanely thick hair. And it gets poofy after I shower. So how do I get less poofy. Please don't avert use any special products. Spanks!

Ps I do use a leave in conditioner an that helps some.

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    It may only be poofy because it's thick? You can try getting it thinned out at the barbours. All they do is use special scissors that will take the excess weight out of your hair. You could also try using straighteners. I know most men don't like the thought of using them but they will help you a lot. It'll make your hair thinner and lay flatter. Also, it makes it feel softer too. ^__^ As long as you don't straighten it POKER straight, it will even look kinda natural. There are specially designed straighteners for men too. Just like regular ones but the plates are thinner so even if your hair isn't that long, you can still use them. :) Hope this helps, good luck. :)

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    You could go to the hairdressers and get it thinned out a little at the sides?

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