Im confused does he like me or doesnt he?

Lets just say I knew this guy freddie since last year (9th grade year) he talked to me first and we been close ever since than its weird Because neither one of us asked for each others number.. but we did talk on Facebook couple of times and when it came to sophomore year I started developing strong feelings for him so I gave him a note and say how I like his eyes... and some corney stuff lol well the next day he basically said, well all I least can remeber is that he said likes me as a close friend and basically he doesn't want to ruin that friendship but he did say the note was cute (: and than came this girl trying to go between me and freddie by asking him to a dance the same day in front of his friends with a poster and of course he said yeah and than he blowed it off a week before the dance with her and I was so angry with him for this one reason having to deal with my friend ciera trying to talk to him for me and he said I was cute and she just had to push it so me and freddie didn't talk for like 2 months or even 4 months we would talk like if we had to for history but now were starting to talk again and more and this time he's playing with hands and were laughing a lot I know he missed me and I missed him too and he would flirt with me and today I was talking to my friend about these guys and he was beside me and she was like yeah I got one of there numbers and I was like omg let me get it ! and he was like your cheating on me and we both started laughing he would say under his breath that he wants to kiss me like once or twice and I will play hard to get sometimes .. and whisper in my ear he even asked where I lived like a couple times and he asked me to be his partner for history today and I replied by saying if you were serious than yeaa and he will smile and say I'm serious and he asked me like 3 times(: than when class almost ended he showed me a text between this girl nicky and was like see I said hi to her and she said what.. and I pretended and said get on with her.. and he just seemed surprised I guess .. was he just saying that to see my reaction , I'm basically trying to ask does he like? Because we did start out as best friends and I don't want to ruin anything I'm just going with the flow..

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    Hmm... I think that this guy likes you... But really doesn't wanna take the chance of dating you. Then something happen so it doesn't work out... And you guys wont be friends. Ya know?

  • 7 years ago

    It sounds like he does!! If you want to, you should go for it! Btw thank you for answering my question! (:

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