Define a variable. Then write an equation that could be used to solve each problem?

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5.) GRADES; Kelly's test score was 6 points higher than Michelle's. If Kelly's test score was 88, what was Michelle's test score?

6.) GEOMETRY; A rectangles width is one-third its length. If the width is 8 inches, what is the length of the rectangle?

7.)FOOTBALL A team had a total gain of -15 yards over several plays with an average gain of -5 yards per play. How many plays are represented?

(The same thing as the other question but a different question if you understand)

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    5.) Michelle's score = m


    6.)Length = L


    7.)x=plays represented


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    17-variable x-for shirts $24.ninety 5*x 18-variable gals of water=x 30x or 30*x 19-variable quantity of money x=what number dimes 20-x=kind of mables left 40 8-x 21-variable fee of tickets 8*x 22-variable kind of pants $32.ninety 5*x or 32.95x P.S im purely 13

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