Good undergraduate Computer Science programs?

Hi, I'm looking to major in computer science. I've been looking at colleges but it seems like most in the US pair computer science with engineering... I'd prefer for it to be associated with mathematics. Can you recommend any good (somewhat affordable maybe?) computer science programs in the US that aren't in a College of Engineering? Thanks in advance!

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    Carnegie Mellon University usually competes for the #1 spot in computer science programs. They offer a few different options for computer science degrees (and Computer Science is in it's own department outside of engineering) which include plain old computer science in addition to a mathematics/probability computer science option.

    MIT offers a degree in mathematics with computer science. It is actually a math degree but incorporates computer science into the coursework as well.

    The University of Washington has two programs that might interest you; a computer science program in their arts and sciences department (not engineering) and a major in applied and computational mathematical sciences.

    Those are just a few options...there are so many universities in the United States that offer competitive computer programs that I can really only name a few. I would advise doing a search for math majors that incorporate computer science, as that is more likely to interest you. Many of the popular, research universities incorporate computer science and electrical engineering or computer science and software engineering together by default and so if you are looking more for a math specialty then you are probably going to have to look at math majors.

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