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What is your picture of, if it isn't obvious? +BQs?

BQ: When was the last time you ordered something online? I did two weeks ago and it finally came. :D

BQ2: What is something you hate that nobody seems to share your distaste for? I hate puns. -_-

BQ3: If ever you've wanted to say something on here that you've never gotten a chance to, here's your chance to do it now. (Optional)

BQ4: If you would like, you can ask me a question. (Also optional)


BQ5: Oh yes, and how do you feel about the whole Cleveland thing? You know, about the three women who were held captive in a house for ten years? I'm simply unable to believe such a thing can happen...

Update 2:

@Love Like a Tidal: At this point in time, John Green, J.K. Rowling, and S.E. Hinton are my favorites. I would have more but with most authors I only like one or two of their books, whereas with these three I like basically all of their books.

Update 3:

@H Bomb: If those are what I think they are, yes, I think it is wise.

@Anti-Gravity Love Song: Either New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (I found it to be *way* worse than Twilight or any of the the other Twilight books), or Fallen by Lauren Kate, which is basically Twilight with fallen angels. -_-

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    Oh well it's me, maybe that's obvious but I'm not sure haha

    BQ: A while ago, it was so long ago I can't even remember what I ordered.

    BQ2: Myself

    BQ3: You're awesome :D

    BQ4: Nope, no questions.

    BQ5: I'm glad they got out, that is scary to think people did that to them.

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    It's some album art from "21st Century Breakdown" by Green Day. It's a portrait of one of the characters in the album. Her name is Gloria and she's a revolutionary in a futuristic dystopian era.

    BQ: Like, December.

    BQ2: I can't say I hate it, but I'm not very fond of the show Downton Abbey. I've just started watching it last night and I'm almost through the first season. I don't understand what's so great about it. I see a lot of glaring historical errors and terrible plot.

    BQ3: I am the real Slim Shady.

    BQ4: Worst book you've ever read?

    BQ5: I don't feel anything about it.

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    I think mine is obvious and somewhat explained by my ID name. It is an explosion. Not a real hydrogen bomb explosion, but I liked the color a lot so I decided it works.

    BQ: A year ago. I don't have a lot of money to shop online, or to shop at all.

    BQ2: Harry Potter.

    BQ3: I think it is hilarious that users talk about leaving, come back and ask if they were missed or if things were boring since they were gone.

    BQ4: Do you think that it is wise not to read the Miranda Rights to suspects in particular crimes? Why, why not? If so, which crimes?

    BQ5: I think it is more common than people want to imagine. Human slavery is present, alive and thriving, right under our noses.

    EDIT: but what cases are you thinking of? And why?

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    Just a little cartoon owl, no significance in it really.

    BQ: Maybe two months ago, and it was probably just some earrings from a store.

    BQ2: I really hate yogurt and pudding, most of my friends think I'm weird for that.

    BQ5: I think it's awful, but just imagine how many girls and women are trapped in houses all throughout the country. It's sad to think about and scary. This really was similar to the book Room, which I recommend.

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    An avatar that kind of resembles me: Black hair, tanned skin, brown eyes

    BQ: just recently for my first time. It's a bikini from Victoria's Secret and is coming soon!

    BQ2: really peverted jokes or "your mom" jokes..a sex joke CAN be funny but after awhile it's annoying..same with "your mom" jokes

    BQ3: I don't have anything to say :P

    BQ4: I dont have one sorry!

    BQ5: yea it's really sad :( but I'm glad they're out now :)

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    AmazingPhil <3

    BQ- I don't

    BQ- Rap music


    BQ- Who are some of your fav authors?

    BQ- I didn't hear about that..

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