I think Damian Lillard will be the best point guard in a couple years from now here's why?

He is already really gifted offensively and won the rookie of the year award and played the most minutes out of every body else in the league. Also and most importantly according to the bleacher report Gary Payton the only point guard ever to win the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award is going to teach Damian Lillard to play defense. Why well according to the bleacher report they are both from East Oakland and apparently the Glove has watched Damian Lillard ever sense his college days at Weber state. My question to you is do you think he could be the best or possibly be the best point point guard in a few years from now.


I also want to add that I don't always use the bleacher report to get NBA information Go Trail Blazers.

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  • 7 years ago
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    And heres why i think youre wrong.

    Paul and Rondo are 2 of the best defending PGs in the league.

    Rose and Wall are more athletic.

    Kyrie and Curry are better shooters.

    Paul, Rubio, and Rondo are the best passers.

    Lillard will only be 3rd or 4th on each list.

    He'll be the best all-around PG in the league.

    But as for the actual best..i cant agree.

    If Rose, Rondo, and Paul keep playing when youre considering Lillard the best, i just cant agree.

    Those 3 are on track to HOF careers.

    As well, Irving and Curry are incredibly young.

    They can only get better.

    Plus youre basing everything off of 1 year without any major injuries.

    And, as long as the Blazers arent in the playoffs, i cant consider anyone on the team the best at their position.

    But, as i said. All around best, yes.

    But just the best in general at his position? No.

  • 7 years ago

    True, But your forgetting he is 22, Most rookies are younger then 22, I think Kyrie will be the best PG in 2-3 years, Kyrie is just 20 or 21 and already has a polished offensive game, But we will see.

  • hatti
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    4 years ago

    cool down, he's robust yet he's largely a rookie. he's performed 10 NBA video games his complete NBA occupation. we don't comprehend if he's consistent. so a procedures i think of he's an incredible PG and an incredible %. with the help of the blazers. actual a candidate for rookie of the twelve months award.

  • 6 years ago

    2 1/2 years later: and the answer is yes diff.

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  • 7 years ago

    Possible but prob not. I think u should worry bout makin the playoffs first.

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