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My home button broken?

okay so i accidently turne on the triple click thing & now i cant turn it off bc my home butto is broken. what can i do?

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    Buy a new home button on amazon but I suggest giving it to someone who knows what they are doing and specializes about iPod desembalization and reassembling

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    Not sure in what way it is broken. If its completely gone then replacement is needed and taking it to a specialist is best. If the device isn't worth that much and you want to have a last resort go yourself you could try cleaning it out with an alcohol solution.

    If you can, buy some pure alcohol - look up IPA. this will dissolve any dirt within the button. To use, turn the device off, place a tiny amount into the button - perhaps a pea drop sized amount and repeatedly press the button trying to get it to move around and clear out the dirt. Leave it for a minute or so to evaporate then turn the device back on. Be careful where possible that the IPA doesn't leak under the screen as this might get damaged by the liquid!

    PS I take no responsibility for any damage caused by this last resort option but it is what I would try!

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