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Stomach pain and nausea after sex?

Yesterday me and my boyfriend had sex, he was being kind of rough. He did it first without a condom, and pulled out. Then he put one on and came again. After a few hours we did it a third time but I was standing up and bending down and he did it from behind and was really rough. I started crying because it hurt so bad but I let him finish and he pulled out again. Before we even did it the third time my stomach had already started hurting and I was having sharp pains and after that it got 10x's worse and I felt nauses. He's also big and it's thick so idk if that made it hurt worse but this has only been the 5th time we've had sex (the first time was when I lost my virginity to him) but how do I prevent this from happening next time? And why did this happen? Please give me advise.

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    its cause u are applying too much pressure or force. Its nothing serious most likely, get an ultrasound if u are really concerned. It's probably the exhaustion and a lot of pressure that is causing the stomach pain and nausea.

    But there is a small probability that there may be anatomical abnormality, in which case u must see ur physician.

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    Im uncertain bearing directly to the burning etc yet interior the 1st few weeks of my being pregnant (in the past i even knew) i had that tension like feeling in my abdomen once I had intercourse! So i desire that helps in some way! inspite of the actuality that i had no burning or something like that, which sounds extra like an infection, identity probable get it appeared at just to verify! good success

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