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Can I have a period and still be pregnant?

I had sex a couple days before my period had started on April 28th and ended on May 3rd. My period was pretty normal besides the huge blood clot I had and I did have brown discharge for two days after my period was done. Can I still be pregnant even though I had my period a couple days after I had sex?

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    Period: Shedding the blood lining of the uterus.

    Implantation bleeding: Small amount of blood disturbed when the fertilized egg implants on the uterus.

    Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy: Could be for any reason, but always needs to be checked out.

    So no, you cannot have a period but you CAN have other forms of bleeding. However if it happened when your period was due and had a blood clot then it certainly wasn't implantation bleeding.

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    Yes. Every womans body is different. Some can indeed have periods and be pregnant. Some bleed their whole pregnancy and the baby is fine so. Just go to the dr to make sure

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    You shouldn't be pregnant no, but take a pregnancy test in a few weeks to be sure. Use the morning urine.

    If you don't WANT a baby, then use protection. It's not rocket science.

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