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How to get "girl friends" if you can't talk to them?

I'm a freshman and I must say I'm fairly popular with guys. But I literally don't have any "girl friends". The only girl I text is my mom. I'm fairly nice, funny, a muscular. I don't have abs and I got a small belly but I'm ripped. Strongest kid in my class. But I don't get girls. They just don't like me I guess. I mean I'm not ugly I'm a red head. I've been told I'm a 7. And I do act goofy in class but still, I'm nice and everyone knows it. But i cant talk to girls. its just nerve racking. What do I need to do to get more girl friends. I sweat when I talk to pretty girls and I'm bad at small talk is that a problem. But here's what I want to know.

1- why don't girls like me

2- how do I get their numbers

3- small talk?

4- how to not be so nervous around them

5- How to actually befriend then

6- how to get invited to their houses (not what your thinking) to play with them of just hangout

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    *i am a girl answering, so i know why*

    1. they dont like you because , first, dont EVER talk about yourself to girls. EXAMPLE: `` yea i have a six pack`` . When girls hear that the first thought is , your trying to impress but its not working.

    2. WOAH. Before you get the numbers, you have to be friends with them. Trust me, things will get worse if you just ask for numbers, you will look desperate. Be friends with them , the say , ``Can i text you today`` if its a yes, then you will get the number,

    3. Small talk? Just pop up some small conversations. ; Great once you get the numbers.

    4. Just be yourself, act normal, dont let them see your nervous!

    4. ? i dont understand

    5. You have to become close friends with them, follow all above and itll happen!

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    I'll provide an "oral presentation" throughout that lovely monthly seek advice from. Just considering i don't think like getting down, does not imply my man mustn't experience himself. Ballot: Hotdogs disgust me, so neither.

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    Wellllllllllllllll..... A lot of girls probably like you but maybe they are too shy to talk to you. You also need to have decent grades, don't do drugs and a great personality for girls to like you. To get their numbers, go to a girl who you think has a lot of personality, good looks aren't always the best. Comment on her clothing, hair, etc.. Then, casually ask her if she would like to meet you somewhere. It's nerve wracking but worth it. After wards, get her number. Search jokes, poems, stuff you can comment her on before you see her. Also, do your research on her. Figure out what she likes. Try to look around them or their forehead when you talk to them. Be nice to them and help them when they need you. To get invited you have to be their friend so yeah.

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    Just start a Convo with a girl. Be like.. Do you kno what's on the lunch menu? Or something random like that lol. And then keep talkin

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    Walk up to a few girls you think are hot. Slap the fvck out them and tell them to get on they kness and start suckin. There you go. You now have any girl you want.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Swag and be intamate

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