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How can I get tickets to a one direction concert?

My daughter loves one direction she would sell anything she has that she doesn't like just to get those tickets. Where and how can I gat her one direction tickets.

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    Umm, we'll your daughter is wired. One Direction is a band where they like to be naked during their concerts and give free sex to those who stay backstage.

    Your daughter was probably looking at porn to find that band. They might seem 'okay' and 'friendly' but they are terrible. Their songs suck too. Google Harry Styles and he has sex a lot with random girls. Very nice role model hmm?

    Do her a favor and take her to somewhere else then a 1D concert. It doesn't matter if you take her. Your responsibility if you do though. Just don't go yourself. You'd just die of all the terrible music they make.

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    That last answer was such lie. I also love One Direction and they are currently announcing more dates for there 2014 Where We Are Tour and it is going to be worldwide most likely. What i did was signup for emails they announce new dates or simply follow the boys and there fan accounts on twitter! They will give the most accurate info. Plus on twitter there is a setting you can turn on for the boys which will notify you whenever they tweet. When they announce the tickets go and buy fast. BTW One Direction are great role models. They DO NOT get naked on stage and they certainly don't have sex with fans backstage. They also are very talented and have great music and their songs are very encouraging to young girls. They are VERY dedicated to fans and that is what I love. I think you should totally take your daughter to see them. But make it a surprise because when i was 8 my mom took me to Las Vegas to see the Jonas Brothers and i loved them and she only said there was something special was happening on august 1st and when she told me right before the concert it made it SOOOO FUN!!!!! i almost fainted. Give her the chance to be surprised!!!!!!!

    I hope this helps!! and ask your which her favorite is and what her favorite song by them.


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    Internet. Tickets.com

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    im not sure if you can gat her but you if you want to get tickets try ticketmaster

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    Ticketmaster.com Stubhub.com (which I provided a link below)

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