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How to avoid semen stains on my sheets (ten points)?

I'm a16 y/o guy, and I like to sometimes , er, take care of myself before I go to sleep every night. It's kind of a routine, since I find myself physically unable in the shower. However, I'm finding that even though I'm careful, I'm staining the sheets. Does anyone have this problem, or any tips to help? Thanks

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    Some people like it dry and comfortable like the bed with sheets and covers.

    There is nothing wrong with that.

    Can you spare a small towel or handkerchiefs or even some strong kitchen paper towel?

    Cap over your penis when you ejaculate and you have all the semen well contained! Hold on for about 5 mins before you go and wash off.

    You can have your bed sheets as clean as before without any stains!

  • John
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    7 years ago

    aim for you chest and have plenty of tissues at hand to clean up.

    also, you need to milk your penis about a minute after your release, grip at the base and push to the tip, to push out remaining semen that is still inside. if you fail to do this it will slowly leak out over the next hour or so. I am a parent trying to be helpful.

    LATER: I forgot the final step. after done with above, wrap the tip of your penis with a tissue and then go to sleep, it will stay in place for awhile, and will capture anything that leaks out.

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    Uhh don't do it in bed man. Some guys do it in the bathroom, try that. Because you don't wanna have that awkward situation when some girl comes over and sees those nasty stains buddy. And doing that every night is kind of tiring don't you think?

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    Get a towel.Or put a sock on it while doing it.

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  • 7 years ago

    Get black sheets.

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