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Why most celebrities date other celebrities?

I don't have got a crush on a celebrity or something...

I'm curious. It's really common an actor and an actress that do a movie together to become a couple, or an actor + a singer, a singer + a sport player.

Why they don't want to date regular people, I don't mean obsessed fans, I mean a regular person the celebrity knows.

Is it because they want to become hot topic and be more popular by dating other celebrity? Is it because they think a person who's not famous is with them to become famous or because of their money?

Are there any celebrities who have dated regular people or even fans?

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    Yes, there's this Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction pop-band, who is dating Eleanor Calder, who is just a student at University of Manchester! Really love them as a couple! Eleanor is way more beautiful than many other actresses, singers or celebrities out there!

    I wish they stay together for the rest of their life's!

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    I think it's cuz they don't know if that person wants to date them cuz they are famous or who they actually are. And they might use them for their own fame.

    When your famous alot of people use you to get what they want from you.So you don't really know who to really trust.

    Alot of fans just want to date a famous person cuz they are famous, most of them wouldn't care about them if they weren't famous.

    Celebrities have a very busy life, so they don't get alot of tree time. Fans might not understand that.

    Celebrities can relate to Celebrities cuz they can relate to them and they know their lifestyle.So i think that's why they date other Celebrities.

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    there's some motives. One is they see different celebrities very frequently because of the fact they are on the comparable social point. that is complicated to dodge different celebrities and that they only don't have the time to discover a non-action picture star to this point. relationship yet another action picture star skill they might the two comprehend what the different is going by at circumstances whilst recognition provides them issues, etc. Celebrities extraordinarily lots consistently attend comparable issues like awards, premieres, golf equipment, motels, motels, etc. some action picture star relationships are exposure stunts. One action picture star may well be much less sought after than the different and could stay sought after via being consumer-friendly and respected (or no longer) because of the fact the female pal/boyfriend of the greater sought after action picture star. the two celebrities may well be falling from recognition's graces, and celebration to maintain up greater intense profile relationships. it truly is often a suitable possibility for celebrities to apply one yet another. they may well be relationship in basic terms to maintain their recognition. money. some celebrities are richer than others, or perhaps although maximum celebrities are prosperous and mushy sufficient in terms of money, some will date yet another action picture star because of the fact the different action picture star has greater money. And as quickly as a action picture star starts off relationship somebody who isn't a action picture star, the non-action picture star immediately extraordinarily lots turns right into a action picture star because of the fact they income recognition via being consumer-friendly because of the fact the significant different of the action picture star.

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