What do guys think of tomboys?

I guess I'm both a tomboy and a somewhat girly person. I don't really know, actually

For regular days, I like to dress casual and I often cut my hair about shoulder length with a lot of choppy layers to imitate those tomboy haircuts. When I get pissed, I often get violent. My female friends fawn over me when I look like those ulzzang tomboys (google if you don't know)

But, then other random days, I like to girly myself up. My personality is pretty girly and awkward too haha.. I giggle, get shy a lot around people I like, etc., and shop like any other girl for makeup and haor products.

Okay, so I guess I like guys more than I do for girls (never fallen for a girl before but I have found some to be attractive). My past boyfriends have always seen the girly side of me because I'm always afraid that if I look like a dude, they'd feel awkward being with me since they're straight, haha. I'm not saying I'm looking for a relationship but I'm just curious. Would guys go for a girl who dresses and look somewhat like a dude but has a girly-ish personality?

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    7 years ago
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    Well...I am too kind of like you except I dress girly (sometimees) I'll often straighten my hair wear jeans or tights an a shirt an some converse! :) but I do love hanging out with guys because tere less drama and I absolulty hate girls! An boys are always (chilled and relaxed about almost everything) me however, have no problem actin like a dude infront of anyone...There just stupid and ignorant (not saying you are) but moat of em can be... Anyway if someone likea you for you...you should show it don't hide it from anyone and definitely don't be ashamed of it... Cuz they gys I've dated loved me for who I was and didn't care that I acted like a dude. Some men just have different tastes!

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