Girls do you think she's crushing on me now?? 10 points for honest answer?

-last year I told her I had a crush on her

-she's a freshman, with a boyfriend, nice, loyal and super nice and innocent.

-I'm tall 5'11 she's around 5'6

-I've approached her various of times more than 10 I'm thinking.

-last semester I approached her telling her I had a crush on her, last semester she would make eye contact with me and then quickly look away.

- this semester she told me "it's not that I want you to stop talking to me it's just that I have a boyfriend"

-btw I'm a junior, I'm confident, I'm buff, sweet, nice and caring. (Dead serious)

-this semester she doesn't look away now she looks at me and 3 different times she stared at me and I did the same for a while until she looked at her phone.

- sh*t happened & her friend went telling her, I'm her boyfriend but when I told her I was joking I wasn't serious

-so like her friend me told me that she doesn't like me & that she tells her everything & that I was going out & telling everybody she's my girlfriend? I was like so sure!

-she still looks at me everyday at school when we pass by each other at school , but sometimes when I didn't turn she made it so obvious once we passed by next to each other passing by almost touching shoulders but I didn't bother to look at her but she turned to me.

-I fell in love with her because of her personality & plus she's beautiful & I even told her she's beautiful in the first approach

- for a while she would look at me with a blank serious face like she looked mad but I didn't know why she looked at me with that expression

- a close friend of mine asked what was up with me & she said that "she doesn't like me & doesn't want anything with me" & that there was nothing between me" but denied that she looks at me when she does? (Like before my friend asked she would look at me constantly everyday.

-now I see that she looks at me in the corner of my eye I look & she'll be talking to a friend & ill notice her eyes at mine but like I said I don't bother to look.

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  • 7 years ago
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    to be honest, i was in your position, but the other way around. I'm a freshmen and the guy that i was "talking" to was a junior. We had talked since i was in 7th grade but we never dated because we "never hang out" in his defense. I don't date people often, but for a while me and this junior stopped talking and I met this sophomore from another town.

    A few weeks after we started dating the junior started texting me again and he told me he was in love with me and always would be but he doesn't want me to be un-loyal.

    Shortly me and the sophomore broke up, but i always did like the junior. So i'm sure the girl you have a crush on likes you back too. You should keep talking to her and slowly ease into getting a closer friendship. If she's not dating that kid still, flirt with her a bit, but most of the time make the first move. Girls are too shy to do it themselves trust me haha. But go for it (: I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • 7 years ago

    Honest opinion she has feelings for you just a crush type very small and the **** that got around must have messed up stuff with her boyfriend . If she acts mad and does weird stuff give it a break. You guys do the same mistake over and over , mistake as in hurtin yourself with a girl who's not worth your two cents. Well ..she also mite not like you not to rain in your pride. I started to notice this one guy and always kept an eye out for him ever since he called me cute just to see if anything curious happens.. So my point is she may not like you but may harbor feelings, and she has a bf so she's confused. Loves a little tough just give yourself a break

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  • 7 years ago

    does she still have a boyfriend? it sounds as if she's interested in you, but not really sure what to do about it, i mean the eye contact sort of suggests that. How did she respond when you told her you had a crush on her?

    If she still has a boyfriend, or dosen't I think she would go out with you, but just isn't sure how to, incase she might think that you moved on but, if she dosen't have a boyfriend I would ask her out, sounds like shes defo intrested.

  • 4 years ago

    You gave her a hug and she or he did no longer shudder away. needless to say she knows you like her. It does appear like she's shy, too. Wait on that kiss on the cheek nonetheless. i understand you're traumatic, yet take issues sluggish.perhaps ask her to pass see a action picture with you this weekend and spot what happens. good success!

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    6 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    of Course she likes you ! Pshh Idk what happen with ya'll but she sounds like she's embarrassed or hurt about something .

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