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Can I sue my school for doing nothing about bullying for 3 years?

A few months ago and incident happened in school , I was being bullied for ages online, in school on my phone and my mom was in and out of the school and nothing was done one day I was coming out of school and the bullys tried beating me up my mom tried to stop them we went into the principals office and he said its a matter for the police and rang the police we were wating for them and the bullys came running in and tried to hit me my mom stood up and they hit here in the chest and face she has angina and this caused her to have a angina attack and whiplash on her neck and had a bruise on her face the police said the school should suspend them as it happend in the school but the school done nothing atal didn't even approach them about it should we sue and how much? Thanks

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    Yes. Bullying should be punished by jail, if not the death penalty!!!

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    you should press charges against the people that assaulted you and your mom and sue them for the amounts of any medical bills and pain and suffering you had because of it. if you were being bullied on line why didn't you change your e-mail address and stay off line? why didn't you quit answering your phone when you knew it was the bullies calling, and change your phone number and keep it unlisted. you should have done something like not talking to them or answering their e-mails. you need to sue the bullies, the school had no way of knowing they were going to run in the room and assault you and your mom.

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    YOUR MOTHER needs to hire an Atty who can instruct you on the charges you MIGHT file against the bullies and the school system. He or she will also guide you as to the amount you should sue for IF you have a case.

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    First yes SUE. Then go to and go to Bullying Letters and read the 2 from Wayne . I hope these help you.

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    Damn your area is full of assholes LOL

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