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Getting my RN license in a different state?

I currently live in Pennsylvania where I want to start college soon to be an RN but after I get out of college I'm planning on moving to California. How does the whole getting licensed in a different state thing work?

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    You would sit for the NCLEX wherever it's convenient for you and you would then aply for licensing in CA.

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    Samian, darling! i've got have been given faith that RNs have bigger academic standards, have diverse licensing standards, scientific adventure, and credentials, and take a diverse examination than LPNs employing certainty they have an greater beneficial scope of practice and are particularly circumstances waiting to prescribe drugs and artwork independently, on an same time as LPNs in many circumstances artwork below the supervision of scientific medical doctors or nurse practitioners. i'm uncertain what the version in earnings is, yet my aunt, who's an RN does fairly a lot, financially.

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    Paperwork shuffling. See their website. Take your Boards in PA. Then worry about CA.

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