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Does he like me or not?!?!?!?

So far, a guy I know replied to my emails most of time. I barely call him. Yesterday, he replied every single email I sent it to him. Then today, he kept ignoring my emails, so I called him and told him on the phone instead. Then I saw his email reply.

Note: We sort of use emails as texts.

What does he want from me?

Why a guy will rather talk to you on the phone? He is from my work place, and he always told me to ask him questions. Whenever I worried about I ask him so much questions, he said he think I ask him so much about asking him so much questions that it's okay to ask him any questions.

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    If you are interested in him then SHOW him that. Be assertive and just remember that one day you're gonna die so just live life without worrying about petty things like judgement. And please avoid intertwining the virtual world with relationships, it's like government and religion they just don't mix well...

  • 7 years ago

    ask him . maybe he likes you . you never know if you don't try

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