Why wont my microwave work?

We just got a brand new GE microwave and all of a sudden it isn't working. When you push the buttons to start it, it starts but it doesn't heat up the food, there is no heat at all. We can't really afford a new one or for someone to come in to fix it so if there is anyway we can fix it ourselves that'd be awesome.

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  • taydus
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    The GFI is an effective proposal. Unplug the microwave and appear for a button next to the energy receptacle on the wall. If that's O.K. (or for those who shouldn't have one), there may be an in-line fuse within the microwave. To get to it you may need to take the duvet off. Don't do it if you aren't useful with tools, or if you're scared. And recollect to unplug the microwave earlier than trying it. A couple of years ago mine stopped working so I took it to a restore keep and paid $60. To have the "megnetron protector" replaced. Just a few months later the same thing occurred again, so I spent an additional $60. The 1/3 time it happened I took the duvet off and discovered that the magnetron (the article that creates the microwaves) used to be being "protected" through a 50-cent fuse like automobiles used to have, a tiny glass cylinder with metal caps on each finish. I put a fuse holder on the outside, changed the fuse and in no way had a predicament once more. Don't try rewiring your fuse in case you are no longer certified to do so. You might start a hearth in the event you do it mistaken.

  • 8 years ago

    Frogman's suggestion is a good one. If that fails, take it back if it is new. Microwaves are disposable as you can not afford to have them repaired. Anything that cost from $39 to $79 can't be repaired.

  • gunner
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    8 years ago

    re read the operators manual. maybe someone turned down the power setting by accident !

    Source(s): Have done it myself ! many times
  • 8 years ago

    If it's brand new, surely it's under warranty.

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