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What if a young kitten has crush on it's eyes and nose?

My friend's kitten is breathing weird and one of it's eyes is swollen. The eyes and nose were oozing a little bit. Now, the ooze has harden up on it's eyes and nose. The kitten sleeps most of the time. I never see it drink the mother's breast milk. I assume she/he is eating because it is still alive and chubby. My friend is no help and I have no money to take it to the vet.

If it's U.R.I, is it fatal? Will it go away by itself? I notice the other kittens' eyes are starting to ooze as well.


We don't have the money for operations and medicine. Money don't grow on trees.

How to get that crust stuff off of his face?

Crust, not crush. My mistake.

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    Yes, the kittens will die without vet care. Your friend allowed them to come in to the world, and now he/she is responsible for them. You don't have money for operations and medicine? Then how irresponsible of you to get a pet in the first place. You realize of course that most shelters have low cost spay neuter programs - cats can get spayed for as little as $20. But I suppose it's trouble to seek that out, isn't it? And now the kittens will end up dead - such a shame. There is nothing you can do - you can clean the crust off their noses and eyes, but that won't do a blessed thing for the infection. Surrender the lot of them to the shelter, where they will provide basic vet care for the kittens and spay the mom - and find them a responsible home. And don't get any more animals you can't/won't take care of.

    Source(s): many years of cat rescue
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    It's SO sad that you and your "friend" are so broke that you can't possibly be responsible pet owners. Since you are incapable of being able to afford proper care of the mother and babies, you have the choice of either letting them all die or taking them to a shelter and relinquishing ownership. My choice would be the latter.

    Next time you consider getting a pet, be RESPONSIBLE and GET IT SPAYED!!!!!!!!!!!

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    both VCA Animal Hospital and Banfield Pet Hospital in Petsmart offer a free 1st exam for new patients:

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