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I blew it im realy sad about :(?

I had a huge crush on this guy in my school and i never realy met him in person only by messages from an other friend. Im always called pretty cute and beautiful but today i was not. It was dress to impress at school and i woke up realy late and didnt have time to look good. with all my horrible luck i saw him today in the hall afterschool and i looked like a walking troll he goes texting me saying that we need to talk. He said he only wants to be friends and i was heart brokin. He used to like me until he saw me in the worst outfit ever. Im heart broken i love him so much and not to be rude but i look hot right now and at school i was not wat should i do and im 13 please help. I love him.

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    aah... I am sure you'll get a much better guy than him... We cant force someone to love you.. Consider he is not lucky to have you as a gf

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