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Why is this guy with a girlfriend pursuing me?

This guy I recently met hid the fact that he has a girlfriend until a common friend asked him directly about it.He then immediately said that their relationship is in "trouble"...he flirts with me all the time,sends me messages to hang out and get's a touchy...I know what he is doing is wrong but i am attracted to him still. I try to avoid him but he is always asking to hang out.His girlfriend is travelling...any advice will help:)

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  • 7 years ago

    stop what you are doing you dont want to be that girl. Unless you know for sure he is broken up (not planning on it, you need to know he is single) you can continue. Dont trust him hes a scumbag

  • 7 years ago

    He probably wants to get into your pants. Or he thinks that you can give him what his current gf isn't.

    Could you answer my question please?

  • Trevor
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    7 years ago

    he wants sex

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