My Ex-husband has lost his mind, he is suing everybody. Help!!!?

He cheated and tried to leave me with nothing. Even kicking us out the rented house buy ending the lease without me knowing. Taking all the money and our only car. His whole personality changed over night. He blames me for everything. I got the (I don't feel anything for you, I don't love you speech) I want to be free and so on.

So my family and friends rallied around me, I moved to a new house, got a Job. My parents bought me a car, and he was so Jealous about it, I never seen him act like such a jerk and he never lets up.

Lost interest in our daughter. Calls the cops, cps on me, says I'm cray and a bad mom, yet does nothing to help our poor child get away from the crazy woman. Drives by my house.

Has shown up at my house kicking, and banging on the door, and I have had to call the police on him.

Threatening to sue me and calling and harassing my mom saying he is going to sue her. Calling my family members telling lies about me. They have now had to hire lawyers to get him to stop.

I'm so sick of him. When is he going to stop???? I feel now he did me a favor, my life is better than ever. I have a wonderful man in my life. We are going to get married soon.

Ex wanted to be Free, so why is he being such a Monster? Help!! He is a Medic in the Army Deployed 4 times, I'm not sure this is a reason he is so nutty.

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  • 7 years ago

    need to file a restraining order with the police. the next time you do see him, remain cool. always keep in mind you are better without him, and he is out of luck. if he says anything to you, just smile and tell him him, wow" I didn't see until right now how much I really held you together. I see without me you are really in a bad way to go. thank you for showing me that it wasn't me that made our relationship bad.

    I feel so much better now.I hope you pull it together soon though, I sure don't like see you ruin the thoughts your daughter has about you. she loves you, you are her Dad. that will never change.

    you said you wanted to be free, but I hope you see you need someone to hold you together. I will always love you from afar. and every mile you go away from me makes me love you more. now keep this in mind. if you are ever out of work and get behind on your child support. you will not only lose your freedom, but you may just find your next true love! and I also hope you never do what you did to me, to any other woman. now since you wanted to be free, go and maybe your next girlfriend will work at the free clinic.

  • Finwie
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    If he's been deployed several times and seen a lot of bad stuff then he might have some sort of PTSD. You should report him to the police and get a restraining order on him, if he breaks it he'll be in a lot of trouble.

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