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Help?Can someone give me tips on getting a deeper voice?

So,yeah.I have a friend and she's a girl,unlike me.She wants to be a guy,and so she wants a deeper voice.She wants to sound like an actual guy,and that means she wants to hear herself sound like a guy,too.I don't really know all that much about women,and how their vocal cords work,but she's 13,so if you can tell me how to help her make her voice deeper (long term),it'll be very appreciated.Make sure this can help her sound authentic.By the way,she doesn't want to have that's outta the option.

Incase you don't know what I mean by authentic-look up voices like Dan Green and other males.Please,I know there are some people that don't support her decision,but c'mon we've all got some type of screwy way of thinking.So,please just give me strait forward answers.

I put it in this section,because I thought actors and other people good at voice manipulation would be the best people to ask..Sorry if this is the wrong section!

Thanks!I appreciate anyone who answers!

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    It's almost physically impossible for someone to change their voice range. The voice box is a very complex thing that us humans carry. Some people can range from being able to have a natural deep voice while also being able to have a natural sounding high voice. But for some people, it's a bit more difficult and complicated for them, like for your friend maybe. If she's not able to reach that low tone then she might just be stuck with her normal voice, because I already know surgery is out of the option no matter what. Doctors and surgeons can do a lot of things, but one of the things they can NOT do is surgically go in and change the sound of your voice.

    I've been in choir for many years, and what the director will do is they will listen to your voice individually and split you up into sections: Soprano - being the highest (mainly for girls)

    Alto - being the second highest (still for girls but some boys can reach it)

    Tenor - low (mainly for boys but some girls can reach that low)

    Bass - lowest (mainly just for boys)

    In all of my years of being in choir though, I've learned that your stuck with whatever voice you have and it won't change.

    See I'm a girl, and my voice ranges from Soprano to Alto to Tenor. But that's just me, everybody's different.

    I'm sorry to say this but I don't think anything can help your friend. She can maybe just practice her pitches by singing and see if it helps any? But if she does that, it'll probably take a few months or more for her to notice any difference, also she would have to practice every day for at least an hour.

    Hope I helped some.

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    Hi there dude don't worry about it you are going to get there! There is not any way it won't have dropped by the point you are a junior in high tuition. I'm guessing you might be in eighth grade? If you're then all of the different guys must be somewhere around you. Although there are always some guys who have pit hair in fifth grade. Puberty is mixed up for distinctive men and women some peoples voice will get deep earlier in the approach some get it later. Hope that helped but the foremost factor is just to not fear about that stuff.

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    Sorry, I don't believe there is anyway to make a 13 yr old girl make her voice deeper.. Believe me, I'm not judging at all...Ok?

    I found this by searching...

    Until she becomes an adult, there is not much she can do. Her voice and body has still not matured yet.

    Since she doesn't want to be a F to M transgender with surgery, I'm guessing she just wants to be a more "butch" lesbian?

    In any case the only thing that can help lower a female voice is testosterone treatment.(but that adds muscle and body hair, too.)

    this is an article for men but probably can be used by women

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