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This question is specifically for CHIPMAKER, however, anyone else can answer it too. Last week, I?

said that Don Mattingly and Keith Hernandez should both be in the Hall of Fame. Chip argued that the first baseman position is a power-hitting position, and both Mattingly and Hernandez didn't even have 400 hr. combined. Well, Chip.....Using your logic, then Paul Konerko would be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, right? He currently has 426 HR's, 1,351 RBI's and a lifetime .282 hitter. Of course, he doesn't have the gold gloves or MVP's like Mattingly and Hernandez do, but according to your criteria, Konerko would fall into that power-hitting Hall of Fame first baseman mold, correct? So, according to your mind-set, Paul Konerko IS a Hall of Famer...right? me crazy, but in my opinion, Donnie Baseball and Keith had way better overall numbers than Konerko....But, according to the world of Chipmaker, Paulie's a Hof'er, right Chip?


Chip, why won't you evaluate Konerko? Did I hurt your feelings, buddy, for directing this post at you? you should be happy I was thinking about you. I give you a ton of wins on my questions too, buddy. Are you SOOOOO busy in your life that you can't evaluate if Paulie has HOF #'s?

Update 2:

who cares if I specifically addressed a question to Chip? what's the big deal. I respect his opinion, but I also want to hear from others. I think I made a great point...basically refuting his points, and presenting him with a potential hall of famer who's still active, with over 400 hr's at 1B.

Update 3: S... Sherlock....I know that Paulie's career isn't over....but it's close to being, if he retired today, do you think he has HOF #'s? he fits all of your power-hitting 1B criteria....

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    sigh.... I really do not have time for a dissertation.

    Power is an EXPECTATION from a 1B, particularly when it comes to Hall consideration. Mattingly had some, but not really enough -- and I have long established that I PREFER SEASONS to career totals (and the "<400 HR combined" wisecrack was a dismissive comment about your notions of what 500 HR means) -- and Hernandez, even less.

    EVEN IN THEIR ERA, which is an important factor which, alas, Konerko does not align to in time and so cannot be readily, superficially, compared to either, neither was a big bat at the plate (Donnie for four seasons, yes, but that wasn't enough, and his falloff was dramatically huge).

    Konerko, were I to evaluate him (I won't), would be held to the norms of his own era -- and for various reasons, his era has seen much more power distributed, so 400+ HR doesn't carry the same weight.

    Now, please, do not presume to speak for me, and this schoolyard-challenge format is juvenile even amongst the juveniles. Do better; doesn't take much.

    You ask for opinions; sometimes I offer mine. I'm open to debate, but you rarely offer such. Let's move on; I'm going to regardless.


    Please, redirect your ire to whomever DID piss in your cornflakes, because it wasn't me. I do now have a bit more time -- I had to take my son shopping, thanks -- but I don't have much more to contribute to this matter, and even less interest.

    My specific issue with Konerko you unwittingly identified -- he's NOT DONE PLAYING. I don't do a serious eval on active players, because we don't know where they'll finish. We might know a lot, but not all, and therein lies the difference.

    Gold Gloves for first basemen are not something in which I vest much regard, not since Palmeiro won his while playing primarily DH.

  • I think I will play devil's advocate here and address the wisdom of asking direct questions to a specific user although you did say that anyone else could also respond.

    I have on occasion asked Chipmaker a specific question, but I always sent them to his Email address. I too have a published to the YA users, Email address and have on occasion discussed other topics with some of the very interesting people that have Emailed me.

    You would be wise to follow the same format.

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    Chris, you have some decent input here stick to that.

    IM or email Chip for you private discussions.

    None of the above belong in the HOF, my opinion.

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    ".....but I also want to hear from others"


    Evaluating this from a neutral standpoint, you honestly are acting like a 13 year old.

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    I suspect that he's saying that power is a requirement. That's different than saying power is sufficient.

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