Should I switch Jobs?

So I have been working as a chef for 3 years at a very well known restaurant in my area. I made good money and loved my job. We had a great customer base and great ratings. Recently, a new manager came in and fired all the Exec. Chefs and Managers. The place doesn't feel quite the same and the customers seem to notice a negative difference, and have either lessened their visits or stopped coming completely.

Meanwhile on the other hand, the Chefs I used to work for had found a new place, and started working there and have asked me to join them. The only downside to me is that I was offered the same job at 75 cents less than what I make now and won't be able to get my original pay for at least another 90 days and there is no guarantee I will receive my original pay. Should I risk handing in my two weeks for feeling the comfort again over 75 cents more an hour or should I stay where I am currently?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think it all depends on how you feel.

    I know that if I'm unhappy at a job, then it most likely isn't worth the pay. I've learned that from basic experience. I had a job babysitting this girl constantly for 9 hours a time (5 to 6 days a week), and although I got paid decent, I definitely HATED the job.

    Never again would I work for them as their full time babysitter again, no matter how much they paid me. Well of course, if they like....quadrupled what I was making, but I hated it that much.

    It also depends on how bad you need the money. Does that extra 75 cents cover your gas bill for the month? Are you working full time already?

    I would analyze your situation. Whether you are comfortable where you are working at now, or if you dread going to work everyday. Can you afford that pay cut for the time being? Etc. If you're not working full time already, then you can compensate that pay cut by working those extra hours.

    This is my own opinion.

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