What does this poem mean to you?

Was I ever hurt?

You're a magnet 

A golden magnet

You keep on glowing 

I keep on wanting 

Needing you

You keep on pulling me towards yourself

I keep on trying my best

Not to be the victim 

I keep on trying

 Like a bird that would be trapped in a nest, what does the wings mean? 

What does it mean when you ignore my existence 

I want you

Like a bee needs its honey

Like a flower needs its scent 

My veins provide me blood, but why do I breath? 

When was I cut? 

The last time I was cut, did it hurt? 

It feels like a thousand cuts over that, why don't I bleed? 

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  • Thomas
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    What does this mean...to me?

    I see a person who wants love from someone (I keep on wanting), (I want you)

    but somehow, some way, once that is achieved, you call yourself a "victim"

    L8 and L9

    "I keep on trying my best

    Not to be the victim"

    Victim of what? Sex, of succumbing to intimacy? Of wanting to say "Not"

    instead of saying "Yes"

    This must be a terrifying dilemma causing you to cut yourself, repeatedly,

    causing hurt upon yourself.

    I can't say this is a good poem, but it sure as heck provoked unpleasant

    thoughts in my mind, troubling for the person in this poem whom I hope

    would get help, prayers, God.



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