How much you love a girl?

To boys who love a girl. Describe here how much you love a girl.

i love a girl so much that i don't want to date another. She is the best ever girl that entered my life. We are long distance but i'll move soon near her because i want to be with her.

She has an amazing mile....i just can't live without her ...and her eyes are irresistible !

sometimes I made her mad because i said bad jokes but I feel that she changed me a bit and I can't live without her!

I know her since 2009 and the idea of thinking about another girl is not entering my brain. If I won't be with her, I'd rather be single forever!

1 Answer

  • when you love someone ,every day is easy and all it take to make you happy is just to see her smile and the shine of her eyes,and nothing else matter ?the need is reach it is heaven on earth ?

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