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small window air conditioners?

Are their any 10,000 btu window air conditioners less than 12 inches high

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    The one I had was lower than that - it couldn't keep up, and at the point I found myself defrosting it with a hairdryer (what's wrong with THIS picture) at one in the morning, I decided it was time to get a real one.

    So - I believe the answer to that question is no - you have to get a big enough one to actually do the job.

    That having been said, there are freestanding A/C units that don't need to be shoved into a window.

  • hatti
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    A 'small` window AC will take 600-800 of those Watts with the compressor working. the hassle is the beginning surge while the compressor 'kicks in'. digital inverters do unlike surges and overloads. greater effectual not have greater beneficial than one thousand 'different' Watts linked together as that AC is working. That AC additionally will run your battery down a lot swifter than you're used to seeing it ensue. the better drain fee decreases the entire skill obtainable from any given battery set. bear in mind, 5 A, @ 120V. would be ~50A. @ 12 V. how many amp hours on your batteries?

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    Maybe 10" but most are at least 12" or more. Suggest you take a tape measure with you or check on line for brands. They will give the dimensions.

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