How was the US expansion manifest destiny? Please help me!?

I need about 2-3 reasons please!

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    Before the Civil War, the major industry of the US was cotton. In the 1700s it was cotton, rice and tobacco, but after the invention of the cotton gin cotton was king. It was our biggest cash crop, our biggest export, our biggest generator of wealth.

    Well, cotton was grown in the South under the 'plantation system', i.e. large farms owned by a single family and worked by slaves. Southern planters would move onto a piece of land. They'd have slaves cut rings around the trees to kill them, so their leaves would fall off, but they'd leave them in place. They'd grow cotton on the land for several years, until the soil was depleted of nutrients. Then they'd go off looking for more land. Land was cheap!

    By 1800 the whole country was obsessed with finding new lands. Around that time a politician (I forget who) said 'Our destiny is manifest'. He was talking about expanding the country westward to the west coast. Politicians even pointed to the plagues that decimated Indian tribes, diseases brought by the White Man from Europe that Indians had no resistance to, and said it was evidence that God wanted to get the Indians out of the way so we could expand to the West.

    The richest and most influential men in those days were land speculators. One of the richest and most powerful was old George Washington himself!

    So over the 19th century we constantly moved westward. Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from the French. We forced Spain to sell us Florida. We tried to take Cuba and Haiti, and relations with them were never normal with them once we failed. In the 1840s we took over more than half of what used to be Mexico.

    Like everything else, it was mostly about money and power and politics. But Americans were conditioned to believe that occupying the full width of the continent was what the US was all about, that it was necessary for us to survive as a nation, even that it was God's will.

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    The US, despite what many think, did engage in imperialism and the 'manifest destiny' was their imperialism. They felt it was their destiny to control the land on which they lived, so they took over from the East to the West Coast, where new opportunities came up, hence the expression, "Go West, Young Man!" Like many other countries, the US considered themselves superior mentally, physically and morally to the Native Americans, in part because they were considered pagan, which was very much frowned upon at the time. They wanted the land, the goods on the land, and the opportunity to expand.

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    It does not explain it. It was an extra time. One need to believe of the time when show up destiny was once taking location. It was once the time of colonialism. The entire European powers and the us were expanding their empires world wide (this dose not excuse the actions of the us.) instead I say it used to be an excuse for White settler (i'm a white American) to take lands from the Native american citizens; a lot within the same approach the British took lands from the Indians (the Indians in India) and the Chines (sorry Birts you did do that; at one point "The solar on no account set to your empire".) nevertheless, this dose not justify show up destiny. Nothing can justify (MD) it used to be a sign of the times; it used to be theft to build a nation simple as that.

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