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Why does this girl hate me?

There's this girl that basically hates me for no reason at all.shes friends with a few of my friends and she's in my maths class.ive never had a conversation with her ever in my life other than in maths,she needed a pen and I offered her one of mine and she looked at it and then asked someone day,she needed maths notes and I offered her mine yet she asked someone else.i always smile at her and try and talk to her but she just like ignores me.i don't know if she's jealous or what but she said to my friend that she thinks I act as if I'm better than her at everything but that's obviously lies cause I never act like that js.. So idk what her problem is:)

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    It's a disease known as "bitchyness".

    Highly contagious.

  • 7 years ago

    She jealous of you cuz you awesome.andbshe no

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