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A data set includes 106 body temperatures of healthy adult humans for which x=98.5F and S=0.69F.

what is the best point estimate of the mean body temperature of all healthy humans ____F

Using the sample statistics, construct a 99% confidence interval estimate of the mean body temperature of all healthy humans. Do the confidence interval limits contain 98.6F?

What does the sample suggest about the use of 98.6F as the mean body temperature?


All of the first answer is Greek to me. I understand that it is copied word for word from an $80 book by Gersh but that doesn't mean that I can understand it. Can anyone kind of dummy it down for me a little?

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    The best point estimate is just the mean, that is, 98.5 F (easy)

    The 99% CI is just, mean +- 2.57*S/sqrt(n)= 98.5 +- 2.57 x 0.69/sqrt(106)=98.5+- 0.17

    (I got 2.57 from tables of normal z curve)

    So 99% CI= 98.5-.17=98.33

    and 98.5+.17=98.67

    so 99% CI is (98.33 to 98.67) deg F

    Yes, 98.6F is included (just) in the CI limits.

    The sample suggests it is a good value (i.e. 98.6) to pick as mean body temp because it is included in the 99% CI.

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    Point Estimate Statistics

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