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Need help deciding, should i join Navy or Air Force?

I'm a 19 year old female, I've been considering joining the military for a couple of years now. I'm finally ready but I just need help deciding which branch to go into (Navy or Air Force) can someone give me detailed information on what it's really like GOOD and bad. If you're going through the process right now or have just recently finished A school/C school it'd be great to hear what "today's" Navy and Air Force is like.

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    I'm assuming you know a lot about the military already and just want some first hand experience on joining and the beginning process. I'm entering the Air Force for various reasons (go Air Force!), but my brother is in the Navy. My brother just completed Basic training about six months ago and I am still waiting to go. He described Basic in the Navy as... tough. He sent a letter to his wife once with the statement "they may be breaking my body, but they'll never break my heart!" I've talked to numerous people who have had the same opinion of the experience. Though, he's in tech school now for the next two years and he's loving it! (he's going for electrical tech I believe).

    Now for Air Force, I've spoken to a few people out of Air Force basic and now in tech school and they said it kinda sucked. Basic training is hard no matter where you go, but that's why you're joining right? You want a challenge and it's just about determining how much of a challenge you want. Well, my Air Force buddies said that Basic was actually the most sleep they've gotten in years. (Wow, right?) During a lot of the day they didn't have much to do and just slept. And tech school, they love it.

    As for enlisting, you can expect the Air Force to be a lot slower. A LOT slower. And taking care of a lot of the work on your own. In the Navy, your recruiter is going to be by your side every step of the way. The Navy also has more of a guaranteed job selection process, as apposed to the Air Force. In the Air Force they'll want you to be very open if you want to get in otherwise the term "job locked" might be thrown around and you'll be sent home(with the exception of eod and pjs and the likes). Be prepared to choose an aptitude area and at least 8 jobs. Some people wait for a whole year in dep and don't even get jobs because they choose hard to get jobs (like medical).

    People choose the Air Force for the quality of life. Things go smoothly.

    People Choose the Navy because it build character. Things might be tough at times, but at the end of the day you feel proud.

    Talk to your nearest recruiters and tell them you're deciding between Air Force and Navy. They'll have loads of stuff to say, but take it all with a grain of salt.

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