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I need help on my last question on my homework. I really dont get this.

In this activity, you will use what you have learned about quadratic equations and their graphs to calculate the amount of time water projected from a given fountain stays in the air, and how high it travels into the air based on the speed at which it is projected.

Recall the equation for projectiles is y = –16x2 + vx + s, where y is the object’s current height (in feet) at any time after it is projected, x is the time (in seconds) the object has been in the air, v is the object’s starting upward velocity, and s is the object’s starting height.

Feel Free to use graphing technology.

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    7 years ago
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    You didn't ask a question. What don't you understand?

    They give you a formula and explain all the terms

    x is the time

    v is the velocity at time 0

    s is the height at time 0

    y is the height at time x

    What are you being asked to do?

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