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Who do you believe is most likely to get into heaven?

A murder who asks god for forgiveness or an Atheist who does good all of his life but simply doesn't believe? Christianity praises forgiveness right? But not believing is frowned upon? Answer it honestly.

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    If there is a God (there isn't) I will firstly ask who they are to begin with. Then I plan on asking why they concealed themselves so much, did they deliberately go out of their way to do so? Then I'll say something like, well I didn't believe in you God but I was a good man, I was honest, I was kind. Isn't that more important than belief? What's so special about belief?

    In Christianity the belief is the only was to God is through Jesus so using that reasoning a repentant murderer could get to Heaven while an atheist who does good but doesn't believe would go to Hell.

    Me? Well I am an atheist and I think D. Pryce sums it up best: "Heaven or Hell? You make it seem as if that's an easy choice to make. Sitting there in heaven watching others burn, and I can't do anything to help? That in itself would be hell for me. I'd be up there fighting god and his angels to let me out, so that I can come down and at least try to help. I am a moral person. Heaven is for uncaring Hypocrites."

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    1Jo 3:-15 " murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."

    There is a full thousand years between the 2nd Advent and "the" judgment.

    In that time "judgments" are given to the overcomers, and those who are ignorant are taught the truth. Rev 20:4. Ezekiel 44:23-24. and cp Jonah 4:11

    "Depart from me" Mat 7:23. "And they shall not come near unto me" Eze 44:13

    This answers the mystery as to why Satan is released at the end of the thousand years. Rev 12:7. They are to be tested.

    Whoever is taught at that time is completely at God's discretion.

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    It is true that no murderer has eternal life in him, but neither do liars, cheats, sexual immoral (among other things).

    This is why when we become Christians and repent TURNING AWAY FROM SIN we are no longer that same person and we are promised eternal life IF WE ENDURE in living by FAITH (BELIEVING) to the end..

    So to answer your question you request


    2. THE ONE WHO REFUSES TO BELIEVE (HAVE FAITH) WILL NOT ENTER INTO THE GATES OF HEAVEN THEY WILL BE DESTROYED (remember here that you did NOT SAY "someone who had NEVER HEARD the gospel of Jesus Christ...there is a difference).

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    If the atheist lived a life of good doing, which most do because common sense tells them to, I would say the atheist.

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    Probably the Murderer because the Atheist knows that its all just a story anyways. How sad ,All dressed up, and no-where to go.

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    Anyone who places their faith in Christ Jesus and repents from their sins will be forgiven and will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is because the person who placed his or her faith in Christ Jesus is using Christ's death as the wage for sin, which is death, instead of his or her own death. As a result the person will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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    The only ones who will make it to heaven are those who belong to the Westboro Baptist Church. They are the only true Christians on this planet.

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    The murderer, only if he is truly is a believer and is asking with a sincere heart.

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    None...because there isn't one.

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