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Could I be pregnant after having sex with condom and then unprotected sex?

I started my birth control pills on the 22nd of April. Started 4 Days after the end of my period. I had protected sex with condoms on the 26th. He finished outside with the condom on. Then he cleaned himself up and went pee. He came back and we had unprotected sex for like a minute or two. He didnt finish after. He says there was no chance of any sperm being there. I havent felt any different maybe some slight cramps and breast tenderness but my doctor said thats normal when starting it when she gave it to me. Please let me know what you think.

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    you can get pregnant from unprotected sex,

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    you can get pregnant from unprotected sex, EVEN if the man does not ejaculate (come/finish), lingering sperm can be inside the urethra at any time; after urinating the chance is very low of this happening, but it is still a possibility.

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