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What is the result of transcription and translation in biology? 10 pts!! :D?

What is the result of the following processes?

1. transcription _______________________

2. translation _________________________


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    In trancription the DNA unzips and a copy is made of one of them (the template strand) becoming mRNA which goes out of the cell nucleus through the nuclear pore while the DNA zips back up.

    In translation the newly formed mRNA goes to the ribosomes in the cell cytoplasm and joins with it.Then tRNA comes and joins with the mRNA codons,using its anti-codons,which match in triplet code.The amino acid it carries is joined to the one on the tRNA behind it and they move along while the tRNA floats off to get a new amino acid while the chain is formed of amino acids joined by peptide bonds.This continues untila stop codon is reached and the amino acid chain is fully formed

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    The end product of transcription is a messenger RNA or mRNA. The end product of translation is a polypeptide chain.

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