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If i wan to learn Chinese in the future should i start memorizing characters?

Im 16 and interested in learning the language but i really dont know how to start or where to what to do you know. I already know english and spanish( i was raised with) french is no that hard.

so should i thanks.

also i wan to learn japanese, arabic, french, russian.

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    Learn Chinese step by step, Chinese tone, Chinese character, Chinese phrases, Chinese grammer, Surival Chinese and the speak Chinese.

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    If you ambition is only to read Chinese one day, learning characters might not be a bad way to start. Both Chinese and Japanese use ideographic characters and I cannot see that learning them would do you any harm. It is a kind of nerdy thing to do. I did it. But. that was after I knew Japanese pretty well and couldn't find anyone to talk to. (I thought that I might find a friendly book).

    I think a lot of learning a language has to do with opportunity. I live in Los Angeles and I have picked up a lot of Spanish just because so many people speak it. I cannot speak it well. But, I could easily improve because of the opportunity offered by the proximity of so many people who speak Spanish. I rarely get the opportunity to speak Japanese. I helped some Japanese who got lost riding the bus a couple of times. Mostly Japanese don't want to talk to strangers. Of course, that might be a different situation at your age. I think there is a good opportunity that you could make friends.

    OK lots of people know how to speak a little Japanese. Some people know a few useful phrases -- like I am able to order a hamburger and a medium cola in Spanish. That's about it. But, there are not so many people who can read Chinese or Japanese. I think if you could that it would be very impressive. But, it is not something that would be very easy to do.

    The secret seems to be to stick with it. I am talking about years and years of study. You need a kind of dedication to do it. And, I think that learning to speak the language or even the trip of learning how to say a few useful phrases in it is a good idea or a better idea to start with. Besides learning characters -- and that's interesting... you are learning words and you had better know how to pronounce them while you are at it. It seems to me to be a waste of time to learn the meanings of ideographs without their pronounciations. But, it happens and more often than not I know what the character means but I cannot recall the way to pronounce it. Hey! it is a problem as much as watching Anime or Japanese movies and reading the subtitles when you want to be listening to the dailouge in Japanese.

    Good Luck!!

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    In order to want to learn a language, you must first know which one to learn. I speak English, Spanish, and Japanese. And currently learning Italian and Tibetan.

    A grammar book is vital with a dictionary. If you

    want to learn Chinese, I suggest going on Amazon and buying a used grammar book and begin searching forums to join so you can interact with other students..

    A language takes time and dedication.

    Good luck

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