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What is the best Total War Game?

Hi, I'm a huge fan of this type of game and I was wondering which one you thought was best. I've only played Medieval 2 and Empire and was thinking of getting another (Napoleon, Shogun 2 or the upcoming Rome 2), but wasn't sure which one to get. I much preferred medieval 2 over Empire. Empire was much more complex in terms of the management and on the whole I liked that, it felt more real and challenging. However I simply found the battles far more boring than those in medieval 2, and felt that those in medieval 2 had more diversity and required more skill. Plus I never got the hang of naval battles. Thoughts?

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    Have you ever played a game called command and conquer? I played it years ago and was a lot of fun look into it if you want

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    Rome Total War.. simple, but fun.

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    i actually recommend men of conflict. it somewhat is the main lifelike strategic conflict video games, greater lifelike than finished conflict look it up in Youtube and you're able to see what i recommend. additionally a game noted as R.united statesE. It occurs in relatively is particularly low fee and characteristic particularly decent pictures.

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    Yes u can be if u add hin us you friend

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