Any advice for me? 23(girl) at home...wanting to move on with my life?

So i'm 23 (went to college for four years, but still not finished) moved back home for the summer. Anyways, basically everyone I know is getting engaged, married, or having kids. It makes me feel so jealous because that's all I really want in life. A career really doesn't matter much at all. I dated this one guy for two years continued having sex for another two years, and now we completely stopped seeing each other. I would like to fall in love again and most of all to have children. Im adopted so I've always wanted to look like somebody. Any advice for me? Its hard because i'm living back at home and my parents are super strict ( thinking about getting my own apartment when I save some money).


(fall in love again I mean with someone new) As much as I love and miss my ex, there is no chance of us getting back together as a couple :( he is too involved in his tattooing career and plans on being single a long time.

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    7 years ago
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    I'm 23 too. Want the same things - but I know I'm no where near financially ready for marriage and kids. Focus on finding a job you love and doing things you like to do. The right guy will come along and you'll be happy.

  • 7 years ago

    you are 23 and living with your parents and still in college. so basically, i think you need to get your priorities straight, first become an adult - as in, finish education, find job, make your own money, have your own place, pay your own bills and so on THEN you can think about having a family....

    do not be jealous of people who rush into reproduction before they are adults themselves...

    create a fulfilling life for yourself and then the right person will come along and you will be just fine :)

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