Which minor is best for a Spanish major EASY 10 points?

I need to choose a minor for my major. I am a Spanish major and I am doing really well in my classes. However, my degree will be useless if I can't get a decent job. A childhood education major would expand my job opportunities but I am not sure if the school will allow me to be a double major. If I become a child studies minor, it is more likely that I can become a childhood education major. Many of my professors have told me to do a French minor because I am doing well in French. I have good written skills but I have a bad accent/pronunciation. One of the professors gave me papers to fill out for the minor and he expects that I will return on X day. Which of the minor options is best for me?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Why not minor in international relations?

    Opens doors to the FBI and to government agencies. Try to find out if you can double major in lingustics, and keep the international relations minor. or minor in criminal science.

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  • moatz
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    4 years ago

    you may routinely flow alongside with linguistics and get a masters in toddler speech comments... then you definately could coach infants how you may manage speech subjects or do learn on how young ones learn languages. you may additionally do training as a minor and that would open up possibilities for teaching youthful childrens.

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