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I need advice on boy and his ex drama?

So .. There's this guy . But he's my friends ex . Now Me and My 'Friend' Havent spoken for like 2 years . And her last ex came to me So she think I stole him from her . Now Her first love 'ex' came to me , and weve known eachother for 4 years . (when she introduced us , they were together at the moment.) So Me and Him are talking now, and we actually like eachother . We married eachother on facebook and She tripped tf out !!! She callin me fake and yes I know about her feelings for him and stuff and I said that , but we aint talked for 2 years so does that rule still apply ? Shee said I cant speak , think or look at him , she don't even want us talkin at all ! I Have respect to say no to the guy but I mean damn , if me and her aint gonna be friends either way , why pass up that opportunity . Basically I need to know , should I try to keep our so called 'friendship' and completely stop talkin to him? or should I forget all her drama and be with him?

PLEAAAASE HELP ME ?!!? am I really the bad one , or are females really over protective of their exes.

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    I she really is trying to keep you from talking to her ex, then she's selfish, and a horrible friend. I'd drop her.. Get a friend that wants you to be happy

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