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PLEASE! How to help my friend through her breakup?

This was my friends first real relationship. She's a freshman and he's a junior. They dated for 6 months and he started talking about stuff like marriage and staying close when he goes to college (basically longterm stuff). **** happens and they kinda grew apart, so he broke up with her and a week later starting dating someone else. Now I don't blame him for this really, but the fact he moved on so quickly just adds to my friends sadness. I'm really scared because we're both 15 and though I've made it clear I'm here for her the side effects of this breakup are really starting to scare me. She feels really alone and blames herself for it even though there is nothing she could have done. I've talked to her and the logical side of her sees its for the better, and that she can find love again, etc. But this hurt, irrational side is what I'm afraid of. She seems fine in school but then she texts me how alone she feels. She's hasn't been eating as much lately(not because she thinks shes fat but she has no appetite) and she texted be that its not that she wants to die but she doesn't really want to live either. I'm not sure if that was just an exaggeration or not, but I feel helpless. I don't know what else I can do for her....

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    Tell her

    when your young, every persn you meet, fall for or love or even hate plays a part in shaping your path n meeting the right one who is destined for you.

    this guy wasnt the one, but he showed her that she is one step closer to the great love who will capture her heart and show her the most amazing fairytale her heart desires... she simply has to keep going because that guy is waiting for her and if she gives up she will delay meeting him

    she is a worthy person with so mich to give and that light should not be put out because of one person. everytime she loves and every time she gives a part of that love away it comes back stronger because was only stays with someone who is true. her ex wasnt true so therefore not worthy of her love

    tell her to smile, be confident and know that her destiny is assured and waiting . be patient, live life and enjoy all you have to share and receive


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